Altiverb not exporting in Cubase 9.5

I’m having trouble exporting a stem on an FX channel which is running Altiverb XL.

It was working previously and now when I try exporting it as a single file it simply exports the inputted sounds without the effect.

Any suggestions?

I’m working on a macbook pro.

Re-check your routing and export settings. There really isn’ t much that can be done wrong.

Same thing here.
In my studio I have 3 Mac Pro with 3 OS (Mavericks, Yosemite and High Sierra) and 3 Cubase 9.5. All of three doesn’t export Altiverb 7 signal (both send and insert, JFYI).
No problems during the normal playback, we can hear the reverbs.
There are no issues with Cubase 9. Actually we’re solving using a summing unit and/or opening the files in Cubase 9 just for the mixdown, but there’s clearly a problem in comunication between Cubase and Altiverb 7 when mixdowning.
Any ideas?
Thank you.

Same issue here…

I’m experiencing the problem with Cubase 10, while i made tests in Cubase 8 and it works correctly!
Did you solve this?

Someone at Steinberg can help us?
This is a really serious problem for the work I’m on right now…

Hope to hear from you soon.
Alberto Biasutti

Just moved to Cubase 10 and the problem still remains the same: no way to export Altiverb 7.
We are solving at the moment opening Cubase 9 just for export…