Alto and tenor saxophone on 1 page?

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We have a band player who plays alto as well tenor saxophone. Sometimes the change time is too short during a performance. Is it possible to show both parts on 1 a4? Not 2 staves like a score but the alto part on the upper part, the tenor on the bottom part.

You could probably use condensing for this. Create a new part layout with both alto and tenor parts - this will create a part with two staves. Then enable condensing. You may also need to create a custom condensing group with the alto and tenor parts.

That’s the fallback option, then you have one or two staves. I want two different instruments printed on 1 sheet of paper

Sorry I misunderstood. So two separate parts printed either side-by-side or one below the other? I don’t think there’s a way to do that “natively” in Dorico without messing around with duplicate flows. You’re probably better off using a pdf editor to create something using the separate parts as pdf files.

I thought it can be made in Engrave mode with multiple ‘music frames’ but I did not succeed

I think you should be able to do this using Music Frame Chains.

Have you seen the user manual page below? The video at the bottom will also help explain things a little better.

@stimsmot Is this what you want? I hope I understood teh question right.

  1. make you parts in the score.
  2. Duplicate the flow.
  3. In flow 1 remove the tenor. You really delete the music also.
  4. In flow 2 remove the alto. You really delete the music also.
  5. layout options set to allow more then 1 flow on a page.
  6. Layout options. Staff labels subsequent systems to none

Edit : Forget this way of doing it with music frames you get a better solution.

Are you looking for instrument changes, where the same player holds two instruments, and as long as their notes don’t overlap, their music can share the same staff: switching from e.g. alto sax in bar 4 to tenor sax in bar 6?

Or a part layout that contains the music of multiple players, with flows allowed to follow on the same page as a previous flow (if the switching you’re talking about is between two different flows?)

The issue with this is that if Flow 1 is two pages long then Flow 2 won’t start until after that. This is because they are in the same Music Frame Chain.

The only way around it is to have separate frame chains for each instrument. This way, you can have two frames on one page displaying two different instruments, and Dorico will just keep adding extra pages (that contain both frame chains) to accomodate all the music. E.G. the Alto Sax would just appear in the top frame.

Someone correct me if I’m astray.

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You are right you can only have a onepager.

To my personel opinion the solution is in making an arrangement the player has time to change en use instrument changes. But that was not the question I think. There is problaby a reason that I don’t understand.

This couldn’t be much different than a piano duet with the different pianos on facing pages. We know Dorico has been able to do this since version 1, so Dorico should be able to manage this from one flow.


You are right. You get something like this.

Alto and Tenor one page.dorico (520.3 KB) it is a bit messy but the idea.

Strange thing with making it. If you only edit the first page template it doesn’t work. So you have to edit the first and default till it starts working.

Nice! Thanks Maarten! This was wat I was looking for!

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Reason is playing in a cover band where the lead singer is making setlists without knowing anything about saxophones :slight_smile:
And we need to switch very fast between songs.

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