Alto Flute not playing the correct range

In Dorico 3, I have an alto flute, and in the concert score a low G (below middle C) is not playing. The instrument starts playing notes from B below middle C onwards.

Any ideas why this is the case?


  • I imported an xml file from Sibelius. I didn’t make any changes to xml importing features in Dorico / xml exporting features in Sibelius.
  • I am completely new to Dorico, I just bought the software.

HALion Sonic doesn’t have a sampled Alto Flute, so it assigns the “Flute Combi” sound, which is a sampled concert flute with a B foot - it only goes down to a B.
You could go into Play mode and change the sound from “Flute Combi” to “[GM 074] Flute” - this is a synthesised (rather than sampled) sound which sounds pretty rough but has the full range. Alternatively you could invest in other VSTs that properly cover the Alto Flute. NotePerformer is the VST of choice here for most things, and elsewhere too - even the Dorico 3 launch video used it!

In addition to what leo said, Garritan Personal Orchestra 5 has four different alto flute sounds, is relatively affordable ($149), and works fine in Dorico. You just have to whitelist the Aria Multi VST player. I don’t know what type of ensembles you usually write for, but Garritan Jazz and Big Band has a good alto flute sound too.

Hi fredgunn and pianoleo,
many thanks for your very clear and concise replies.

One of the reasons I moved to Dorico is to be able to use and modify the way my VST instruments work.

I own a few EWQL samplers including the gold orchestra (I am not very fond of the GPO and note performer). I have updated EWQL ‘Play’ to the latest version which I understand is a VST3 plugin, but as I am new in Dorico I haven’t actually managed to make it load. In the manual I read it should VST3 instruments automatically but for some reason it doesn’t. It seems I need to keep investigating.

Unfortunately PACE (whose iLok handles licensing for Eastwest, among others) have messed something up. That’s then tripping up Dorico, so Dorico’s blacklisting it.

The long and short of it is you’ll either need to wait for a Dorico update or a Play update. See for details.