alto glock velocity - round robins - HSSE 3

The notes Bb3 to Db4 have problems with higher velocities / round robins. Playing these notes with higher velocity results in a quieter sound. I’m assuming the round robins at higher velocities have been mapped incorrectly on these notes.

Yes, I have the same problems here, also D4 has one of the random round robins with an inverted velocity layer as well.

You wouldn’t have thought a library that only has 7 multi samples could go so wrong

Thanks for confirming. Yep agreed. Steinberg just don’t seem to pay much attention to QA in any of their products.

Dear all

there is an updated available for Alto Glockenspiel. It fixes the velocity issue.
Please download the file from the Steinberg Download Assistant.
After download click “open”.
The Steinberg Library Manager will open and register the update.

You should have version 2 of Alto Glockenspiel in your Steinberg Library Manager (see attached picture)


I have downloaded the Alto Glockenspiel download via the Steinberg Library Manager and pressed the OPEN tag. The download does not upgrade from Version 1 to Version 2. Steinberg Library Manager reports an error which states; “No action was performed. The corresponding VST Sounds are already registered.” Do I have to remove the Version 1 Alto Glock VST before I try to reinstall the latest Version 2 download?

Download via Steinberg Download Assistant from V1 to V2 does not work. Error Message says “No action was performed. The corresponding VST Sounds are already registered.” Do I need to remove the V1 VST Sound before installing the V2 download?


actually you can remove the old one but you don´t need.
Regarding the download, please go to the download location of your Steinberg Download Assistant and delete the version 1 file of Alto Glockenspiel.
Once you have done this and restart the Steinberg Downlaod Assistant, you should be able to download the new version.
Open the Steinberg Library Manager and check for version 2 of Alto Glockenspiel


It seems you DO need to as that was the only way I could get it to work :smiley: :slight_smile:

So the library manager confirms that V2 is installed but the issue still remains. Particularly noticeable on the “B”

Thanks Frank

Removing the vstsound file from my downloads/Steinberg folder and reinstalling Alto glock via Steinberg Download Assistant fixed the problem. I now have the Version 2 Alto Glock vstsound file working in Halion 6.