Alto Saxophone instrument is missing in Dorico

I’m writing a piece for saxophones and other instruments. But for some reason, alto saxophone is missing in the default instrument list. How do I bring this instrument back as default?

I’d guess at some point you’ve renamed it Hi-hat (pedal), as there definitely shouldn’t be one of those in the Woodwind category and it shouldn’t show up when you search for Sax.

Go to Library > Instruments…, find and select that instrument in the left panel, then click the filled in star button at the bottom left corner of the dialog - the star should become hollow, indicating that saved defaults have been removed. Click OK in the bottom right corner of the dialog.

You’ve now cleared your saved defaults from the user library (used for all new projects), but you haven’t cleared them from this project.

To do that, go back to Library > Instruments…, find the instrument in the left panel again, and click the Revert button to the right of the Star in the bottom left corner. Click OK in the bottom right corner.


Cheers, that worked! Honestly have no clue how I managed to rename that instrument…

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