always crashing using the browsers

Out of nowhere, cubase pro 9.5.3 crash instantly when trying opening the mediabay, loopbrowser and soundbrowser. I dont use these windows regulary so this is new to me, dont know if this is a known bug. The windows open normally, seem to search and load normally, then after a few sec, it brings down cubase totally. I havent changed or installed anything new that could be causing this. any ideas whats going on?

Also crashing using zones, as shown in the video.



Could you please share the *.crash file located in macOS Console utility?

link to crash log.

I worked on the problem myself a little, I reduzed the maximum files in result list to 5000 (from default 10000), deleted all files in the prefs related to mediabay and browsers and deselected all folders not related to cubase in the file browser. Cubase doesnt crash now, (so far). hj


Thank you for the file, but I can’t resolve this one.

  1. Attach the file from the User Reports folder in the Console, not System Reports.
  2. Attach directly the *.crash file. Don’t create a RTF out of it. I need a “plain text”.


yea… for whatever reason, coz I havent cleaned or deleted anything, but the user report folder is empty when I open it. However, the steps I took to investigate the problem seem to have worked out for now, so I am ok at the moment.I will look into why cubase or the OS did not write a log file after the repeated crashing situation yesterday.