Always have "No Effect" at the top of the plug-in list

I’m quite often removing plug-ins from insert slots. As most people have acquired quite a few plug-ins over time, if the one you’ve used is near the bottom of a large plug-ins list, then you’ve got to scroll up to the top of the list to select ‘No Effect’.

It’s no big deal in itself, but by always having “No Effect” displayed at the top, it saves a few seconds and a lot of frustration when you’ve been working on a track all day, you’re tired and up against a deadline.

You can click on the insert slot with the vst plugin and drag it anywhere out of the inserts section of the mixer.
As if you were moving it to another slot but out of the inserts section.

instead of moving or copying it, it will remove it.

Hope it makes sense

Thanks for that. One of those things I sort of knew, but never implemented.