Always have to start Dorico twice

When I try to start Dorico it always ends in an endless spinning wheel which I only can stop by a forced quit.
When I then start Dorico again, everything is ok.

This happens really everytime when I try to start Dorico by double-clicking on the program icon or by double-clicking on an existing dorico file.

I attached a diagnostic report. Perhaps someone from the Dorico team might have a look into it.

Dorico (773 KB)

Are you using a USB-eLicenser or a Soft-eLicenser? The log files don’t allow us to tell.

I‘m using a Soft-eLicenser.


Thanks, the eLicenser doesn’t seem to be implicated on this occasion, at least not directly. I wonder whether the problem could be that the audio engine is not quitting cleanly when you quit Dorico, which means that it then hangs when trying to reconnect to it the next time you start the application? Can you take a look in Activity Monitor and see whether or not the VST Audio Engine process is hanging around after you quit?

Believe it or not, today I cannot reproduce the described behavior. Dorico starts properly.

Next time it fails to start, I’ll have a look in Activity Monitor and report here. Thank you, Daniel.