Always on top

Is there a way I can keep the (F3) mixer “always on top’ I can’t find that option…

You have 2 options:

  1. Select in the lower pane ‘mixer’ (under the project window)
  2. If you have a 2 (or more) monitor display setup, you can drag the mixer to a second monitor.

The lower pane mixer doesn’t show mix cue’s, I don’t use a 2nd monitor…so there’s no way to have it on ‘always on top’ :confused:

It used to be so (Cubase 6?) but it went away. F3 is the only way - BUT - if you have 2 monitors than you can have the Project on one monitor and the mixer on the other - permanently. BTW, when using F3 to call up the mixer it doesn’t really close (I’m sure you know this?) - when you are using one monitor. It just goes behind the Project window. Two monitors are the way for now but who knows, Cubase may change this someday.