Am I eligible for a newer AI version

Hello there…
Just bought the UR28m today, and apparently the Cubase AI6 that come with it cannot be installed…(Im on Mac OSX El Capitan)…Am i eligible for a newer Cubase AI version? Where can I download it? Thank you


I’m not sure if you are allowed to use the latest Cubase AI version.

Can you try to install Cubase AI6 with the Steinberg Installer Tool?

well, in the website it said that after upgrading to new v2 firmware, at least I’m eligible for AI7. but still no download link.

In the past there have been offers of updates such as this but as that offer has expired, I think the best thing to do is to raise a support ticket via your MySteinberg account, and ask.

The most important is the license, nit the download link. Do you have a license to Cubase AI 7?

no i don’t have it…but if you take a look at the website, i think i should’ve had it…is there any official steinberg email support that can be contacted?

Create an account on MySteinberg, there you can raise a support ticket and ask the question.

it’s look like i just bought an old stock of product…they didn’t come with an activation code for cubase, only a dvd and plugins activation card (the local dealer confirmed it). Sadly they haven’t come up with a solution yet.

this was a solved similar case with mine:

Any idea how my case should be solved? It’s just a code activation that i need, i don’t think that i should returning my ur28m for a new one.

The only way to solve this is to work through the process with Steinberg by raising the issue with them via your MySteinberg account, in exactly the same way as described in the other thread you referred to. You may or may not be entitled to an upgrade, but if you are, then I’m sure Steinberg support will provide you with the details.

ok…thank you all

The thing is, after contacted steinberg/yamaha local technical support in Jakarta Indonesia, I still didn’t have a satisfying solution… The person that I spoke with said that I couldn’t have the newest software…for no reason…

To be honest, i’m very dissapointed with this…How come I can’t have a current version software that should’ve come with a new purchase (regardless the product is an old stock)…If that was the case, at least they should’ve inform me and gave me a new stock instead…This is cheating, since I paid for the same price as anybody else…

Create an account on MySteinberg, raise a support ticket and ask the question there instead.