Am I going blind, crazy or not?

Folks, a kind of “newbie” question here… I was a big fan of Cubase 3, didn’t like C4 and now I’m trying out C6 to see what all the hype and fuss is about. So far, it’s looking great, BUT…

I SWEAR that in Cubase 3 that the Regions List could be opened inside (or next to) the Arrange Window and inside the Regions List were listed both Audio and MIDI Regions. You could then drag-and-drop MIDI Regions you had already created inside the Project (e.g. four bars of drum programming) into your Project from the List to wherever you wanted. It was better than dragging them or alt-dragging them from the timeline.

Now it appears that the Regions List is restricted to the Sample Editor. I understand how the Audio Pool works and how the Media Bay (and other browsers) can be used, but that facility to drag-and-drop MIDI Regions from any kind of list seems completely gone.

Am I right?

Cheers, Bagwhan