Am I imagining this?

Please tell me that I’m imagining this…

I played a few short ‘chits’ on electric guitar and added the CSR Hall default patch, but turned up the decay to maximum (17 seconds or so).

I exported the clip.

I imported the clip back into Nuendo and listened a few times.

I also imported the clip into Pro Tools. It sounded different…

After a few times of listening back between Nuendo and Protools I have to admit the same clip sounded better in Tools… The reverb was more detailed and 3D.

Please, please tell me I’m dreaming and that I should just get on with my life!!! :confused: :smiley:

You probably are imagining things.

If you really want to “test” it, I’d start by comparing the files by doing a null-test. If they null then the difference at least isn’t in the files.

I suppose you’d have to consider sample rate / depth, ADACs and their calibration etc…

It’s the same file. Same machine. The sound towards the end of the long reverb tail is where I hear the difference.

Both N and P playing through the same Lavry converters…same outputs…

It really is so subtle. The tail of the reverb clip gets darker in Nuendo and stays clearer in Pro Tools.

Just to be clear. The clip was generated in Nuendo. I’m just playing the full stereo file in Nuendo and then in Pro Tools. Only that file, no FX, no adjustments, etc… Same level on the outs and monitor controller…

I suggest you import the file you used in pro tools back into nuendi and null-test it.

This is NOT about null testing two files made in different DAW’s… it’s about how the same file SOUNDS different to me in Nuendo and Pro Tools.

The same audio track (let’s call it a ‘song’) which consists of a guitar harmonic and a long reverb sounds different to me when played back in Nuendo 5.5 and Pro Tools 10.

This should not be the case. Both DAW’s are on the same machine, same converters, same outputs, no level changes. Nothing is done to the ‘song’ that could alter the sound. Yet, they sound different to me. Surely DAW’s don’t have a different sound.

I’ve just made a ‘song’ with the same guitar harmonic and the Bricasti (Dense Hall 19sec long) The ‘song’ sounds different to me when played back in the two DAW’s.

Is there anyone who can do the same test? I tried to upload the file, but you can’t upload anything with .wav

Well, you said you “exported” the file out of Nuendo, so if you did that clearly there was a chance of you changing settings and/or something happening to that file either on export out of Nuendo or import into Pro Tools.

Either way, if the files null then you know for sure that the files aren’t the problem. There’s absolutely no reason not to do that.

Now, assuming that the files are identical I’d suggest that you somehow record the output. You wouldn’t happen to have a digital out on your converter and an external dat deck or something? I’d try to do that. Record both into a third device and then re-import in one of the DAWs and then do the null test. If there was a difference between the two DAWS then it’d show up.

Great idea to record it!! Pity my Lavry DA doesn’t have an spdif out… (only in’s). I’m going to figure out a way to get this done in the new year - most people are closing for the holidays…

Thanks for the advice Lydiot :wink: