Am I in serious sh#t here?

The other week, I dropped a box with a load of usb sticks in it whilst looking for some files.
I picked them “all” up but I think my Cubase e-licenser was among them but I didn’t think of it at the time. I now can’t find it!!

Since then my computer crashed big time and I’ve only just got it working again. Fortunately Cubase is still there and working.
However some of the stuff is missing (Amped Elektra and Halion amongst them, which I believed were from forever vouchers given as a part of a promotion.)
Firstly, now Cubase works without the e-licencer dongle, how important is to have it and is it possible to replace it? Also is Amped Elektra and Melodyne gone for good?

Many thanks for any replies.
Since then my

I do have Amped elektra, and yes, it is on the eLicense Dongle.
So, I’d try Support and see how they react. Somewhere, you have an account with Steinberg that knows what you ‘own’.

Will do. Thanks a lot.

Actually in the back of my mind now, I’m thinking that I put the elicenser somewhere for “safe keeping.” Damn!

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Amp Elektra is actually showing up in my Library Manager and doesn’t say “expired.” Does this mean anything?

Good luck searching … (Unfortunately there is no ‘find my Dongle’ function :wink: )

No. When you will try to use Amped Elektra in Cubase, it will look for a license (the one on the dongle …) and inform you that the license expired …

Ive now found the e-licesnser!
I opened the eLicenser Control Centre and tried Online Synchronisation and Mainenance but a window popped up saying “The Soft-eLicenser stored on this computer seems to be altered in an unrecoverable way. Please contact your software vendor to solve the issue”

It went through 6 tasks but failed on the last one which was “Sending eLicenser Information.”

Is this important?

Happy you found the Dongle.
In my experience, you could try ‘restarting the PC’, re-run the maintenance etc …
No idea about the ‘importance of Step 6’ though …

You do have the stick, and you have a Steinberg account, so you may want to re-install the soft licenser. I ended up doing this some time ago, and the local soft licenses were wiped, but I was able to go to my Steinberg account to remove authorizations from unavailable computers. So I did not lose those authorization slots. You have that option in your Steinberg account as well if your computer is not cooperating. However, if you are unsure, just contact Steinberg, you are a customer and holder of legitimate licenses, after all…