Am I missing something..? Or can someone not add up?

C6 Full Version - £508

C6 Artist - £253
C6 Artist to C6 Full upgrade - £54.69.
Total: £307.69.

So it’s £200.31 cheaper to buy C6 Artist and upgrade…?

From the US web shop, I see:

Cubase 6 full = $499.99

Cubase Artist 6 = $249.99
Cubase Artist 6 to Cubase 6 upgrade = $249.99

They’re equal.

So I just purchase Artist, then I can upgrade at any time for the same price as the full version.

Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Based on this, which I doubt is correct, then anyone in the UK, and Europe perhaps, should get their copy from Sweetwater in the States. This has got to be an error.

Aha - today it’s £209.24 for the upgrade! That makes a bit more sense now :wink:

well given the fact that 499USD equal 314,5 GBP :astonished: (and not GBP 508!!!) :open_mouth: :astonished: , anyone had better buy in the US than in the UK!
it´s not the first time we are ripped off in the EU, try checking prices for US guitars or other gear. In spite of the very weak USD value, EU dealers still manage to equal or even top the price in Euros!
The USD being so low, and unless Steinborg want to lose money in the US market, this makes no sense to me. Being a EU product ( I presume) C6 should normally be more expensive in USD, not less. :question:
Oh well, I probably don´t get it with the intricacies of the world of global finance…
Another case for the necessity of downloads for a one and only and fairer price IMHO.

I could not agree more mate!
One of the other reasons CD sales in Europe plummeted a few years back… we were paying 2-3 times the price for the same thing stateside! no wonder people just use p2p instead…

Unfortunately it’s the same thing with downloads too though mate… the pricing is varied according to what ‘territory’ you are in, although admittedly the pricing is a little closer… seems our friends in Australia seem to usually get the worst deal though.

In Australia there is free education, so therefore cheap Steinberg software.

Thanks Steiny co!

Don’t EU members also pay VAT on top of that amount?