Am I missing where to put a ref track? Or is this a #feature-request?

I’m transcribing a score that includes some material with tricky rhythms. And I’d love to be able to play and see an audio ref. that I start on bar 1, beat 1 of my score. Then I could double-check, as I work, that my transcription isn’t far off my audio.
At the moment I’m doing so by making a video with the audio embedded - but that seems a bit over-the-top when audio only would do. And it would be really handy to see the waveform of the ref. audio - which gives me all sorts of useful cues about onsets and so on.
If this is already in Dorico 4 and I’ve missed it, it would be really handy to know.

Not sure about the audio waveform (although it would be useful to see in some circumstances) but importing an audio track is on the Dorico Team’s radar.