Am I the only one who has mixdown dropouts?

When mixdown is finished wav I’m getting small dropouts there (~1/4 second silences in random instruments) in resulted wav. Restarting C9, running again and - the same. Or some new dropouts in new places. One or more dropouts in one wav. Its not easy to find, its clearly hearable in vocal, but in particular instrument it sounds like weird pause somewhere, not easy to find what is wrong. But it’s real dropout, shourt pause, once per minute, once per two, while Cubase is mixdowning particular tracks and mixing into whole wav.
Many times, many projects. No all, but many. It completely damages my work! Pls help. Thanks!
Cubase 9,0,1 x64 - plugins nothing special, mostly UAD, Cubase, no bridge. OS/computer is running OK.

Perhaps a hard drive problem.
What is your hardware setup?
What driver are you using in Devices / Device Setup / VST Audio system?
How are you doing the mixdown?
Do you get the same result if you use realtime mixdown?

thanks, I do not think, no hardware issues so far, hardware is robust, hdds are running perfectly.
I have projects on different HDDs, no difference. All system and others apps are OK.
As it is kind or random, its difficult to tell, but looks like cubase issue /internal or or issue with some plugin/
Cubase realtime plays audio OK, but offline mixdown is buggy.
/I am using motu driver and soundcard for years, no issues, stable, but I think I have seen this issue started with previous version of cubase and with current, older were fine, realtime mixdown is ok, but I mostly cannot finish it, b/c projests are too CPU hungry/
But I am only one with this issue? that means problem is not in Cubase.

Sorry. The fact that things are OK in other applications doesn’t really mean that it will be OK in Cubase. So it would help if you could list what you are using. For example, what is the audio interface? What ASIO driver are you using? One or more hardware/software elements may be causing a problem.

What plug-ins are you using in the mix?

What do you mean by this? Please explain. Are you able to do a succesful mixdown using the ‘Real-time export’ option in the Export Audio Mixdown dialogue?

Plugins - mostly UAD, Cubase, Voxengo. Sure, it can be related with something here, also.
Yes, it is offline ONLY render problem. Realtime mixdown is allways OK, but I often cannot use it because my projects are CPU hungry

I don’t want to state the obvious… but if you are unable to do a realtime mixdown because your projects are too CPU hungry then presumably this could be one of the reasons you are getting dropouts? Or let me put that another way. If you are overloading the CPU then you may risk getting dropouts. What is the CPU overhead on the VST Performance Average load meter during normal playback?

What specific plug-ins are you using on the mix in question?
Try de-activating the plug-ins one by one to see if the problem persists… it could be one of your plug-ins causing the problem.

thanks you your help, the load-up is standard, much dsp on UAD card, I am using similar setups for years, just since cubase 8.5 (and 9) I noticed dropouts while the plugins are the same (some updated too as well)
And you could be right, it could be some plugin what in render mode has dropouts, also this is possible, I will try to switch it off in cycle and check. The dropouts are somewhere on the way between loading track wavs, inserts processing, before mixer. This is why I am asking here if someone hasn’t similar problems, but it seems not. Thanks!

Solved: UAD bug. (Not Cubase at all, it seems). Chaotic dropouts in UAD stuff (previous version), it seems they fixed it, latest UAD update is OK!

Glad to hear you found the problem.