Amalgamating Dynamics

I’m working with a full score and after condensing, the condensed parts still display identical dynamics (see attached image). I’ve gone into Notation Options and have selected “Allow Amalgation” but can’t get rid of the duplication.

Anyone have an idea what’s going on and what I should do to eliminate the duplication?


In Write mode, turn on Voice Colors. My hunch is that clarinets and bassoons have two active voices. Both parts should be Upstem Voice 1.

In that final bar, the woodwinds are condensed into two voices, suggesting something about that phrase isn’t compatible with being condensed into one voice.

Switch to galley view, and check that notations in this phrase are truly identical where you intend them to be. For example, make sure the ff> is either grouped or ungrouped the same on each staff. If Clarinet 1’s dynamics are grouped, but Clarinet 2’s dynamics are ungrouped, then they won’t condense into one voice (even if the dynamics are the same).

Dear Lillie:

Absolutely correct - the hairpins were of slightly different length.
Once I aligned them, the duplication “vanished”.