amalgamation problem (condensing)

Hi all,
Newbie question here: I’m trying to condense a full score, which works for the most part, but the dynamics are not coming through only in flute piccolo oboe and clarinet. Not sure why! Same thing happened to horn, but I managed to fix it because there was a missing rest in a previous measure from when I imported it from a different notation program. Any ideas what’s the matter?
I’ve tried removing and re-inserting.
I’ve tried condensing change and checking enable amalgamation.
Here’s the full and condensing screenshot to demonstrate.

Make sure the dynamics are aligned (on the same beat/sub-beat) in the two Flutes and oboes, for example. They are slightly offset, which is causing problems.

Thanks for the reply, I wish it were that simple! Still scratching my head.

If this was imported from another notation program, the dynamics might not be attached to the same voice as the notes.

Condensed staves can only contain two voices (for notes with stems up and down) so any other notation has “nowhere to go”.

Usually, MusicXML import work best when you untick most of the options in Preferences, to let Dorico “do its own thing” as much as possible rather than trying to reproduce every detail that was specified in the MusicXML.

If you could please attach the project itself, we should be able to help. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to diagnose issues from screenshots alone. If you’re not comfortable with posting your project here, you can email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de instead.