amature Cubase 5 need help with VST

Hi Cubase users!

I am pretty new to Cubase and after trying all day today and yesterday i’m on the verge of smashing my laptop in one thousand pieces.

I have been trying to install the VST in a lot of ways but it won’t work, camelphat did pop up on cubase for at audio—>plugins but the camelphat is written blanc and can only be used when i have imported a song or something

But it doesnt pop up at Device --> VST instruments

D16 devestator
Lennar digital Sylenth1
Ohmforce Ohmicide Pro

^ none of these work or pop up

Help would be greatly appreciated guys! i just want to make some music

Thanks ! :smiley:

But it doesnt pop up at Device --> VST instruments

There’s a difference between VST instruments and VST effects. Camelphat3, D16 devestator, Lennar digital Sylenth1 and Ohmforce Ohmicide Pro are effects, not instruments.

If you’re recording some voice tracks, you may use delays, reverbs, compressors etc., but you would not try to route the mic signal through a piano or a violin. The other way round: you would not want to put “some piano” or “some guitar” on a voice track.

Think about it. There’s no need to smash your laptop into pieces.

PS: Some instruments may be used as effects, e.g. some VST synths can lend their effects section for audio tracks. So, the above said is only a rough explanation to make shure you get the difference between effects and instruments. Camelphat is a VST effect, not a VST instrument.