Ambient/electronic tracks

Have a listen to a couple of recent ambient electronic tracks I’ve created. These started out as tests, just experimenting with mics, settings, amps, etc to get guitar tones I’m after, for use in a set of original rock tunes I’m working on. I ended up adding more parts and making them into songs of their own.

My latest one, with nods to Pink Floyd, Cocteau Twins and Lanterna:

An ambient jam, experimenting with guitar tones.

An earlier piece (2010), where I hadn’t quite gotten my lead tone dialed in just right yet.

A piece with clean guitar and synths (Absynth and PPG2.V) using rhythmic delays.

The first ambient/space rock piece I recorded, New Years Eve 2009. This one started as a test to dial in my guitar tone. As you can hear, the tone is thinner than in other pieces. I’d just gotten my Way Huge Swollen Pickle Fuzz, and dialed in a setting I’d seen on the Way Huge web site. I would later learn how to dial in a fatter sound that breathed a little better. After starting as a guitar tone test, I decided to keep adding parts - synths, piano, vocals. All based on a simple 4 bar chord progression.

One where I used fretless bass. I need to redo the fretless bass part. I discovered later that flatwound strings do not get the tone I’m after, though they are easier on the bass’s fretboard. Roundwound or halfwound strings sound better, and that’s what I’ll use going forward.

A piece where I experimented with getting the ambient tones of Harold Budd on his album The White Arcades, only with my instrument, the guitar. I think the reverb I chose wasn’t quite right, or there just needs to be more of it.

Enjoy listening.

Hiya Rob. Listened to the Floydish one. Drums are too loud, needs more subtlety. Song needs more melodic variation too.

Memory and Longing sounded OK. Nice playing :sunglasses:

Sun and Stillness. Sounds pretty good again but too much FX on the geetar. Lead tone is pretty good.

Beauty and Rain. Nice chilled piece.

Good selection :sunglasses:

Hi Rob. Listening to them now. I agree with Phil’s comments. I especially like Beauty and Rain. (and I especially like Steve Hillage). See that picture of the old Yamaha amp… I have a very similar one… love it. Keep going with this stuff!

I auditioned the first one

I like it because it’s sonically and compositionally different. But the ostinato part just gets annoying after about 3 minutes or so – not sure what to advise there because it seems integral to the tune. You definitely have chops, too! :sunglasses: