Ambitus solved

Hi everyone, thanks to the advice found on the forum, I partly solved the problem of the lack of the “Ambitus” function. But now, how do I remove the material circled in red?

That’s tricky, because Dorico cannot hide and show staves at arbitrary points along the system (unless they are extra staves like ossias, etc.). If you want to show the ambitus for just one instrument, I would suggest you actually use a completely separate flow that contains only the instrument for which you want to show an ambitus, and then use a manually-added music frame that you position in Engrave mode.


As an external solution you could also use the Ambitus font

Yes, Ambitus font is awesome, and can be used in a title page and word processors.

I followed your advice and bought the font, honestly I would prefer to see the function implemented in Doric. But if version 5 does not include it, I will try to get used to this font, which at the moment does not excite me too much. In any case, thank you for your important support.