vorrei sapere se in Dorico c’è la possibilità di inserire l’Ambitus all’inizio di un rigo per canto vocale. In MuseScore il segno di Ambitus rileva automaticamente l’estensione della melodia (vedi allegato).

There’s no way to do this automatically, but it’s fairly easy to achieve. Do you want it before the clef, or after?

If you want it as in the picture, I would just add these notes as extra beats using Shift-B, 1q. Then rescale them as desired, make them stemless (in Engrave mode), and add a line using the custom line tool. You may need to do some manual note spacing as well.

Hello, I was trying to follow the “add extra beat” trick on an existing score to indicate the vocal range required but everything shifted of a quarter note. Is there a further passage to make it work?

Hmm, do you have insert mode turned on? It should add an extra beat to that measure only.

Not sure where all the smart forum people are tonight, but if that’s not the answer, hopefully someone can weigh in. I’m on my phone so I can’t check it.

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When I tried it, either by SHIFT+B+1q or with a SHIFT+M4/4,5, it didn’t seem to make any difference whether I had the insert mode on or not. The music shifted relative to the bar lines. That doesn’t seem right somehow.

Ok, add an explicit time signature at the second bar, then add the initial beat, then hide and delete stuff as needed and it should work.

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Quando devo fare questi lavori (musica corale) dove necessita “l’ambitus”, preferisco adoperare MuseScore. Quando non riesco a risolvere con Dorico c’è sempre MuseScore che mi salva!
Buona Musica.

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Ho visto in Musescore è immediato, ma cerco di evitare di imparare un altro programma, soprattutto d’estate!

…no comment.

FWIW, I quite dislike placing the ambitus inside the first bar, as if it’s part of the actual music. It’s a rather ugly thing. Is this a standard practice, or something MuseScore came up with? I wonder what Elaine Gould has to say about it.

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Anche a me non piace però, se richiesto, il software deve comunque suggerire una soluzione e questo MuseScore lo fa sempre. Poi volevo aggiungere che Elaine Gould non è la “Bibbia”…
Un mio desiderio: MuseScore dovrebbe avere alcune cose di Dorico e Dorico alcune di MuseScore.
Buona Musica
Claudio Riffero

Do you mean you want a bar line after the ambitus? In which case, that’s even easier.

No, la mia domanda inerente all’ambitus era molto semplice: “riesco ad ottenere con Dorico quello che ottenevo con MuseScore?” Naturalmente in un passaggio e non tramite escamotage.
Grazie comunque, molto gentile.
Buona Musica.

Yes, at least a barline (maybe even a double one), but in general I set the ambitus bar apart using a Coda gap, which, admittedly, takes more space (also needing two clefs). I put the key signature only at the start of the music, not before the ambitus. The ambitus has no key, it’s not music.

In that case, isn’t there ambiguity about whether the lowest/highest note is a B flat or a B natural (for example)?

Personally I prefer the ambitus before the clef or as an Incipit (with the original clef).

Guardate qui: Guida alla Notazione di LilyPond (AMBITUS).

@HeiPet Sono perfettamente d’accordo con te.

Mi piace quella soluzione.

Of course, you’d have to mark those explicitly.

I’m quite sure, that one day Dorico will get a feature for ambitus and incipits and it will be automatic with a lot of options and it will be better than in any other program … :slight_smile:

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