AMD Ryzen 3950x w Cubase 10.5

Recently built a new rig sporting the following specs:

Proccesor: Ryzen 3950x
Motherboard: X570 AORUS ULTRA
Storage: 2TB Nvme (Aorus w Heatsink) & 2TB SATA (SS)
RAM: Corsair DDR4 3200mhz 32GB
Cooler: Corsair Hyrdo 115i
GPU: GTX 1060

I thought it would be a good idea to share my experience with my new build, especially as I’m using the much hyped CPU which is the 3950x. I’ve always been a user of Intel’s chips and was contemplating getting the i9 9900k for quite some time but after hours of research and speaking to other geek heads, I went with the Ryzen CPU, and I have to say that I’m more than impressed with it, it lives up to the hype with stunning performance when it comes to producing/composing. Now, I can’t really compare my experience to say, a high end intel CPUs because my last rig was a 4th gen intel cpu so I’ve had quite the leap here. This is just for other users considering an AMD Ryzen CPU.

I’m running large projects at a buffer size of 16 with plenty of room to spare as a pose to 2048 on my last rig with large audio drop outs :smiley: I use Focustite Scarlett 2i4 2nd Gen btw.

I get the occasional minor audio drop which I believe is related to my GPU (Nvidia GTX 1060) having read a bunch on how their drivers want too much attention from the CPU. I will be looking at switching it out for an AMD Radeon GPU in the near future. If anyone is rocking an AMD card, be sure to let me know your experiences and even Nvidia card users too.

I’ll be doing some benchmarks soon to see what it can actually max out on so keep your eyes peeled for that.

thanks keep us posted

thx a lot for sharing thomas:-)
really looking forwarf to see the benchmark!!

Thanks, Thomas please keep us posted!
I am wondering if I jump to a 3950x or 9900ks.

same here. i am also thinking about this two options,…3950x or 9900k or ks.

I would think at this point that your use case is one thing to consider, meaning is it heavy VSTi workloads with a lot of plugins in a long serial chain, or is it more mixing with many tracks in parallel with fewer (and maybe less heavy) plugins on each track… Both the 3950x and the 9900k should be a step up from an 8700k, but if you’re doing more parallel processing I would imagine the 3950x being a possibly much higher upgrade, especially using ASIO guard.

Also for what it’s worth: AMD has guaranteed to support the current platform throughout next year, meaning I think that new products that are released end up using the same AM4 socket that the 3950x uses. I’m guessing that the 16-core part will be the top of the line CPU next year and that maybe the next generation CPUs from AMD will come out on a newer socket. It could be that they release the next gen also on AM4, but given the timing that seems like a 50/50 proposition.

So I’m just noting that because four years ago when Ryzen was announced AMD promised to deliver products for AM4 for at least four years, which they have done.

Intel on the other hand have traditionally been upgrading their sockets more frequently and that means less compatibility between CPUs of different generations. I think we know at this point that the 9990k/ks are essentially the end of the current architecture and thus the current chipset/socket. So getting a 9900k will be a guaranteed maximum for that platform. Any future upgrade will then have to be complete, including the motherboard and possibly other components.

It could be the same with AMD, but not necessarily. In my case, having gotten the first gen Ryzen, I have a CPU that probably outperforms the 8700k if I push it, yet I can also get the 3950x and plop it into my motherboard and be happy with twice the amount of cores!

Just something to consider I think.

My next build will likely be a Threadripper… but that’s at least a year or two away…

hello thomas,

can u tell us what is your experience after 1 months
working. did u had the time to go a bit deeper and to test your new computee.unfortuantly its really hard to find any test with cubase 10, 10.5 and the ryzen 3950x.
do u still have your droppout issues?
thx in advance
greez from vienna

I too have just upgraded my 2600k intel i7 to a Ryzen 3950x :slight_smile: . This build includes an Asus Prime x570 Pro MB, Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200 ram, a Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro4 cpu cooler, along with an M.2 PCi.e 3.0 OS Drive.
Have so far installed Windows 10 & Cubase and about to install all my plugins, which I need about 10 hours to do so as they’re all online in order to download the latest versions etc.

Just realising that the Nvidia GT520 graphics I have been using with the old machine is not compatible, so need a new one. Am looking into an atm Radeon card and unsure of what to do as I don’t wanna go spending through the roof again. Though it will make a difference of course, maybe… Am only using this machine for music production.

I will also keep you up to date with how this all goes and am intrigued with Thomas’ build/usage.

Great! keep us posted asap I’m thinking about upgrading my setup :wink:
Cheers from Kansas :slight_smile:

I upgraded from a ASUS P79 pro 3960X 32 gig’s ram to an AMD 3950x 32 gigs ram, ASRock Taichi and I’d say the new machine is 2 to 3 times more powerful, depending on project type.

It’s super smooth and runs great with Cubase 10.5


That’s great M.
I’m really enjoying mine too. Super smooth with my old RME Fireface 800 with FireWire PCIe card all installed and working fine.
Enjoying being able to work with no latency when everything is full on at what my old machine would have struggled.

Joules, just out of curiosity which FW card are you using? I thought Windows 10 had issues with FW.

I have an old texas instruments card I could fit into the new machine if it works.


Am using a 2 Port Lycom PE-107 PCI-E FireWire 800 (1394b) and 1 Port Firewire 400 (1394a) Card. {Just updated my profile signature}
If you have a PCIe X2 then you’re laughing. If it’s a PCI card it won’t fit.

Just wanted to say that I’m absolutely happy with my new 3950x workstation. See specs in my signature. Updated from an i7 4820k - which was a huge step - but i have performance boosts in my Nuendo sessions up to 80%. Absolutely great!

So I have no direct comparison to an i9 9900k or 9900ks, but so far everything is stable and just works fine. Also the turbo boost scaling works absolutely great, so no need for overclocking (in my opinion). I definitely can recommend this processor.

Go for it :wink:

Looks like I’m getting Ryzen 4 then :slight_smile:

Quick update; Been using my machine now for a month and I can give it a 100% thumbs up. Finished 2 projects in cubase 10.5.x and it’s been faultless on both. I haven’t even had to change the buffers from 64 samples between recording and mixing and I’ve been using a lot of AA aqua plugins which are really cpu intensive when mixing.

I’ve also been doing some video editing in Davinci Resolve, an amazing piece of software and the machine is coping with this really well too, no crashes, nothing, just great performance all round.

I might be tempted to sell the 3950x and upgrade to the Ryzen 4 version of it when that comes as apparently they’re going to use the same socket still, another benefit to using AMD :slight_smile:

stay safe all.


Thanks for sharing your experience.
I’m contemplating buying an 3950x as well. Could you tell me about your temps with high workload?
Thanks in advance! =)

Kind regards