AMD Ryzen: Not new! just works!

So with my setup as described down below. I achieved no dropouts with the following conditions in Windows 10.
This semifix I got from bluzkat Thank You ! by running Ran this program Still taking hits, but a lot less by changing the following.
Control panel/power options choose create Highperformance. shut off features… Monitor Etc. Dropouts are now in half!
Upgraded video card driver GTX 680… still taking hits. No change.(Obviously your Graphics card will change)
My Antivirus is Bitdefender Plus. I changed the settings to Movie profile/ enabled and also Realtime Optimization Enabled.
With my Steinberg UR44 Audio Interface I can now run 96 samples with no dropouts. I have not run this with my Presonus 1818VSL Ill keep you posted if needed.
A Note: Running Bitdefender in this mode exposes you to the ?I tried to run Cubase with my Ethernet Adapter disabled and it stalls on VST-3 update.
So this is a fix, however, I would like to know how to run Cubase without an Internet connection. Even though my Elicence FOB is installed.
Maybe a question to the Mods. Is there a setting I am missing to make Cubase run without an Ethernet connection?

Maybe you can disable the NIC in the BIOS, this is what I plan doing once I have eveything fully installed. Only switching it back on when it need be on for OS/Plug in updates etc.