Amek 9099 & Remote Control Editor

I can’t remap the Plugin Alliance Amek 9099 plugin controls with the Remote Control Editior in Cubase 12. Any suggestions?

I also have this issue with any Plugin Alliance plugin seemingly. Would be great to know why?

I don’t have the Amek9099 plugin, but I have the bx_Focusrite console. The “learn” option does not work, but you can select the control in the dropdown for each QC, or right click on a plugin control and use “add … to Focus quick controls slot”. At least that work here for the few bx plugins I have.
Interestingly, with the Lindell 80 plugin (developed by Lindel/LSR, but distributed by Plugin alliance) the learn function works flawlessly, so the bx devs must be doing something different…

Thank you so much for your response. I’ll try your suggestions.