Amp models not showing in Cubase Mixer

I installed the firmware and driver updates for UR28M.

When I open the dspMIXfx outside of Cubase 7.6 the amp models show up as choices in the channel strip.

But, Once Cubase is launched and I look at the hardware section of an input channel, the only available choice from the drop down menu is the morphing channel strip. I don’t get why I can’t see the amp models from a stereo input channel in Cubase.

Anyone else had this problem?

Looks like Mono channels only… in both Cubase and DSPmixFX as soon as you link 2 channels the option disappears. Which I suppose makes sense it is a Amp sim after all. Although the VST version appears to be stereo.

Hey, thanks. Fixed the problem.

Yes, I have the same problem!
The only place to access the effects is in the “Hardware Rack”?–right?
And that only shows up in the stereo input column.
So what’s with the mono only suggestion above?
What am I not seeing here?!?!?
I have the amp models in my DSPMX and in my inserts!
Why are they not showing up in the Input effects window in the Hardware rack?
I’m only getting the same old Channel Strip.
What am I doing wrong? :imp:

You can have your inputs set up in combined mono and stereo configurations if you like (I do). In order for the hardware control to be accessible, you must ensure that it is disabled in the stereo configuration i.e. the Effect Insertion Location control UP. Furthermore, if you have say 4 mono channels you must also disable the effect for some channels - see the “Limitations on the use of effects” table in the manual.
For a stereo channel, the amps won’t show in the list. For mono channels, the amps will show, but if they cannot be selected this indicates that there are too many channels strips in use.

Thanks for your reply BriHar.
I have a song project.
So far it has 2 empty tracks. One track is mono, one track is stereo.
My VST Connections I have 2 Busses. Stereo and MONO.
Stereo is 1 & 2 in and out.
Mono is 1 in and 1 & 2 out.
How exactly do I disable the hardware rack or the input control window for DSP effects in the Stereo Input?
The hard ware rack only shows in the stereo input. I’m still lost here.
This doesn’t make any sense.
Should I be configuring my channels/busses differently?

Slide the Effect Insertion Location control UP to disable the DSP effect for the respective channel.