Amp Rack Wah - AutoLFO

Is it possible to use AutoLFO to modulate the Amp Rack Wah Wah pedal?

I’ve managed to hook AutoLFO up to the WahWah plug in via side-chaning and was wondering if it was possible to do the same with Amp Rack. I know there’s no side-chaining button on Amp Rack but I was wondering…

Amp Rack has a MIDI in that I can send AutoLFO to. You can use a MIDI controller to control the Amp Rack’s Wah pedal. So the Amp Rack Wah is listening for MIDI and the Auto LFO is sending MIDI.

AutoLFO lets you select the controller type (1-127). I set up a Quick Control (WahWahPrePedal) to control the pedal. Do Quick Controls have a controller number?

Feels like it should be possible but I can’t seem to get it to work. Any suggestions would be gratefully received!