Amp -> Suhr Reactive Load -> Pulse IR Loader

Hello, relatively novice Cubase 10 user. I am running my amp thru a Suhr Reactive Load and then selecting Impulse Responses (IR) via my IR loader (Pulse). I am very happy with the setup and results. Here’s my issue: after recording a guitar track, the playback sounds great, However, while recording I’m definitely not hearing the same sound/tone. Clicking the monitor button on the track makes a small difference, but it is still quite different sound/tone from the playback (very fizzy while tracking). Is there a way for me to hear the playback tone while tracking? Hope I’ve described my situation correctly, and thanks in advance for any advice.

Check your audio interface, there is likely a knob that let’s you mix between monitoring directly from the inputs and monitoring through the DAW. Depending on your specific audio interface this knob could be a physical knob or a slider in the driver software.

It sounds like you’re not monitoring through Pulse. Turn off any monitoring on your audio interface and turn on the monitoring of your audio track in Cubase that has Pulse on it. Make sure that you don’t hear anything unless you have the track monitoring turned on.

Thanks KHS. Monitoring through DAW did the trick!