Amped Elektra License missing error in starting Cubase Artist 12

I newly installed Cubase Artist 12. And I installed Amped Elektra using the voucher provided on promotion till Oct. 3 this year. I did it from MySteinberg → Vouchers → +Redeem and I could see the license activated in eLicenser Control Center. But I run Cubase Artist 12, I met the error notification:
How can I resolve this?

I think that this one working just with e-licenser. So are you sure, that it’s plugged in?

I think Amped Elektra is installed to HALion Sonic SE.
When I open HALion Sonic SE, I could see ‘Amped Elektra’.

But when I open Cubase Artist 12 after click ‘OK’ on the Amped Elektra license error dialog, only Flux, HS SE Library, Trip, Verve icons are shown (no Amped Elektra icon).

The same problem to me! @Martin.Jirsak can you help please?


Make sure, you have latest HALion Sonic SE update installed. Which version do you use, please?

Cubase 12.0.40, and the last version of Halion Sonic SE (


How does it look like in the Steinberg Activation Manager, please?

In the new Activation Manager I have only my Cubase 12 and Groove Agent 5 in the list… And when I start my Cubase I see the dialog which @shji69 attached on the first screen…) But in my account I see this one


Amped Elektra is still using the eLCC. The answer is probably here.

Hello. No answer for me honestly… Don’t know what I need to do… sems that I have just one way - delete this gift ;(


You can always rise the support ticket.

So strange! I have it worked on my macbook and have this problem on Windows… How it can be? Or it works just on one machine?


Soft-eLicenser based licenses can work on one machine only. If you want to transfer it to other computer (in case of a new computer or a new system), go thru the Reactivation process, please. But it’s not like it is with the new Steinberg Activation Manager licensing system, where you can use one license at 3 computers simultaneously.

Hm… for example Lo Fi piano or all my purchased libraries for GA5 works on both computers.I just need to move my e-licenser from PC to Mac. Or Amped Elektra works by another way?


Then the license sits on the USB-eLicenser, not in the Soft-eLicenser.

Is the license stored on the USB-eLicenser or in the Soft-eLicenser?

When I am login to the Steinberg account I don’t see Amped Elektra on USB-eLicenser and Soft-eLicenser as well…
But it works without USB-eLicenser on my Mac… Really don’t understand this situation…

Just Plug in my E-licenser to my Mac and open it. I was found Amped Elektra on Soft E-licenser… So, what I need to do?


Open eLCC application and drag and drop the license from the right side to the USB-eLicenser icon on the left. By doing this, you transfer the license from the Soft-eLicenser to the USB-eLicenser and you are ready to go.

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Thank you very much! BTW . do you know. Any plans that libraries for groove agent and for example this Ampped Elektra will migrate to the new license system without USB e-licenser?

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IFind the solution, download the data of your steinberg ID from account settins to the pc and open the file I did it with firefox and there comes out the serial number ofThe Amped Electra if you used it copy it to your account and your elicenser and ready