Ample Guitar L sample project + XM

Hi all, I just finished my Ample Guitar expression map project and didn’t want to keep it from you guys… :sunglasses:

A few popover pointers:
Force Positions are “5.”, but display as “V.”.
Force Strings is “s3”, but display as encircled numbers.
“Let ring” is “lr”, “Palm mute” is “pm”, force open string is “0”.
Harmonics do work, a slide is a Jazz “doit smooth” on the first note (!) and needs to be adjusted in Engrave mode, a short slide-in is a scoop.

I had to fiddle with the legato length and the switch trigger point to get the hammer-on and pull-off right.
Also, there’s no dedicated tapping technique in the library, and I’m not sure if the “T” in Dorico is forwarded as a Playback technique anyway…

If you can improve it, please do.
The second flow is a demo, enjoy… :wink:

Have a great day,
Ample Test.dorico (815.4 KB)

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Just realized I needed to also provide the exported Playback Template, right?

Ample (13.1 KB)

For those of us who don’t have the library, it would be great to hear an MP3 of the demo flow, if you don’t mind creating one?

Sorry, my bad… :smiling_face:

Here is Flow1:

And the Demo:

Have fun!

Just as a follow-up:

Could someone who does use the library confirm that this works as (I) advertised (it)?
I was assuming that all that needed to be done was to import the Playback Template?
Because that would contain all the necessary playing/playback techniques, along with the xMap?
I just tried on my laptop, and the harmonics do not seem to work… :thinking:


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Yes, you should find that any playing techniques and indeed playback techniques that are defined in the expression maps used are also included when you export the endpoint configuration, and are therefore included in the playback template.

Thx Daniel,

I’ll check again!


Hi @YourMusic.Pro - I just purchase Ample AGL and am testing out your Playback Template. Looks great! For some reason the force strings weren’t connected to the playback keyswitches, I had to reassign that.

I’ll test everything out over the next while and let you know! If I make additions to your playback template I will post. I’m going to try adding vibrato changes?


Thanks, I’m glad it’s of use to you, this was my first attempt at making an XMap… Do the playing techniques make sense to you? And it’s entirely possible you had to rewire some switches, glad it works now!
Please post version 2.0, looking forward to it!


My notation goals might be different too - plus I’m also wanting to create two guitar parts, one for the live player and one that will be a less realistic, more abstract duet partner on playback. So I’m likely to add some playing techniques that trick the VST into doing unrealistic things.

As for the live player, I think I’ll revise slides so that the graphic does not trigger the slide, and instead have a hidden playing technique over top. Less to fix in engraving mode!

In any case this is my next or next next project rather than current, so I might not post my new version for a while. I’m in the testing stage…

Great VST this is. I almost bought the Efimov instead, but Ample AGL sounds more real out of the box, with less tweaking.