Ample Guitars V.3


Before getting into details: does anybody here got the latest Ample Guitars Metal eclipse v.3 on Cubase Artist 9.5…?


Greetings everyone.

I dont know if anybody from Steinberg follows these forum, but here`s my (and others) problem.
Ample guitars has released a version 3 of there electric guitars. I can only speak for the one I own witch is Ample Guitar Metal Eclipse (v.3). I formerly enjoyed the version 2 of the same guitar with no problems what so ever. After installing the update, Iv noticed a big jump in CPU load when I started the VST guitar. About 30% on a new empty project. When I then open one more instance of the guitar and maybe one more, the hole system crash/freeze. Tried several reboot over several days, with same result. Talked to Ample guitar, who asked for buffer settings and free space on major drive. All good, buffer on max and a 4 month old Pc: i7-9700K, 16GB ram, SSD1 has 300GB free space and SSD2 has 800GB free space. Im on Cubase Artist 9.5
All other VST works just fine, hardy getting CPU load. Up to 20% with lots of tracks. My sound card is Roland duo capture ex.
Answer from Ampel was:"we have testet it on cubase pro, not artists. try to install Cubase again or upgrade to Pro"
The logical thinking here would be, there is something wrong with the Ample software, but I did a test: Downloaded Reaper v6 and Studio One, installed and fired upp 8 x ample guitar track in both …: worked flawless !

So here`s my big conundrum: Ample is saying: its Cubase and I bet Cubase are gonna say it Ample :slight_smile:

How to get Steinberg Team to confirm its not there software or to get Ample to confirm its not theirs software…? (i suspect this to be a well know problem regarding 3 part software integrations)

Any tough…? anybody…?

Anyway: Happy Christmas and a jolly Dawproblemsfree new year :slight_smile: