Ample sound vst don't work with Dorico?

You’re using Ample Guitar M, or the free Ample Guitar M Lite?

I use the full version.



Have you been able to try a free version and have you had time to look at the problem?

Or is there definitely nothing to do?

Thank you

I’m afraid I’ve not yet had time to look at it myself, but I will ask one of my colleagues to take a look.

Thank you very much, your message reassures me.

Hi @Ibadez38
I’ve got Ample Guitar M II Lite installed now, and created a little expression map with the legato technique mapped to F0 so that now when I put a slur between two notes the F0 key (Hammer On & Pull Off) is triggered in the AGML2 interface and the HP light on their interface lights up. You need to have the auto legato switch off (it says ‘auto off’) so that Dorico can trigger it I think.
I’ve also assigned Palm mute to D0 and that works too.
Harmonics also triggers the right key switch (you can see it in the interface), but it doesn’t sound like harmonics - maybe I need to know more about how their interface works, or maybe that’s not available in the free version?
Does this file work on your computer?
guitar - ample.dorico (376.9 KB)

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Hi @John_at_Steinberg
Thank you for your response,

Indeed I always leave auto HP and auto LS on off, I want manual control over the slide and Hammer On & Pull Off techniques with keyswitch.

As for the other techniques (harmonics, palm mute, legato etc…) everything works. I set everything up in the expression map.

Only the slide techniques and Hammer On & Pull Off don’t work, they light up on the interface but they are not played in Dorico.

Unfortunately I can’t try your file because my trial version is finished.

In case you can try a full version for free for a certain period of time.

Thanks for your help.

I can send you new Dorico trial details if you want them? Just email me on j.barron at steinberg dot de
I’ve installed the Amplesound trial, but it thinks I’ve already had a trial on this computer, so I’ll have to get in touch with Amplesound.

Hello, while continuing to research and hoping to find a miraculous solution to my problem I stumbled upon this.

One user said this:

Playing Kontakt in Dorico may not work with libraries that function as self-plays, i.e. the plugin has its own player and/or sequencer (NI Session Guitarist, NI Session Horns, etc.). This happens if the “Ext” button is pressed in Kontakt (host synchronization mode is enabled). Of course, in this case, Kontakt doesn’t know how fast to play, so it is silent. However, it may seem strange that the MIDI note signal is transmitted and the keys on the Kontakt keyboard are pressed. The problem can also occur in other VSTi plug-ins for self-playing: Toontrack EZkeys, EZbass, Ample Sound Guitars, and so on, if such plug-ins have the host synchronization mode set. In such situations, the cause of incorrect playback is a defective Dorico engine, which is not able to transmit tempo control signals to plug-ins. At first I thought that the reason lies in the type of VST2 plug-ins, which include Kontakt, EZkeys, etc., but I did some tests and found out that, for example, HALion (VST3) can’t change its playback according to the Dorico tempo either. As a conclusion: Dorico does not transmit data about the tempo of the song to the plugins (neither in VST2 nor VST3). Perhaps this is the company’s policy, or maybe the developers ’ flaw?.. I don’t know. Let Daniel answer this question.

Do you think it’s related to the audio engine?

As far as I know, transmitting the tempo to the plug-ins is not implemented yet but is on the to-do list!

That’s correct. In Dorico 3.5, tempo information is not sent to VST instruments and effects plug-ins. This is something we intend to implement in a future version.


Will this correct the problem I’m currently experiencing with ample sound?

I don’t think so, no. @John_at_Steinberg is in the process of trying to obtain full versions of the plug-ins from the people at Ample Sound and I’m sure he will report back when he has more to say.

Thank you for the answer, I continue to be patient.

so do I in this year of patience …

I hadn’t checked out any of the Ample Sound libraries before, but tried some demos and the Ample Bass Upright is pretty good, especially for the price! As a little example I transcribed Christian McBride’s bass line from this clip, to try out. I can’t seem to get the triple stop slide he plays at the end to work at all. Keyswitch is E0. Am I correct in assuming this is likely the same legato slide issue that the guitar VST has?

Here’s the audio straight out of Dorico. It has a much woodier bass sound than a lot of other VSTs, so it would be cool if there was a way to get that slide to work.

EDIT: Oops, there seems to be an issue with audio export too. Everything but the slide plays back fine in Dorico, but when I export the audio, a few notes “stick” and ring through in the resultant MP3. Weird.

EDIT #2: The ringing notes seem related to the “Humanize start positions of notes” setting. If I set it to something relatively low like 25%, then it works fine as below.

Surely, I have the ABP III of ample sound and I have exactly the same problem as the guitars.

I wanted to revive this thread to ask whether it is in the cards for a future version of Dorico to output tempo information for 3rd party plug-ins. I am also trying to use the Ample Guitar, and it unfortunately cannot be used at its full capacity (specifically its strumming mode) without this functionality. I’m currently having to use another DAW as a workaround for when I need this plugin, but it’s painful to have to move away from Dorico.

I realize it’s on the to-do list (as stated earlier in the thread) but I just wanted to get an idea of whether this is a longstanding issue with many 3rd party plugins or if it’s just a one-off thing that likely won’t be addressed in the next upcoming releases.

BTW, since this thread popped back up, I did eventually figure out the bass slide. I used a hidden PT to have the notes overlap, then suppressed playback of the notated slide.

Welcome to the forum, @obrien.687. We are hoping to be able to address the requirement of sending tempo information to VST effects and instruments in the next major version of Dorico, but I’m afraid I cannot guarantee it at this point.