Ample sound vst dont't work with Dorico?

Thank you Daniel! I appreciate your taking the time to respond. :slightly_smiling_face:

I use AMPLE SOUND GUITARS all the time!
Th e AGT (Taylor acoustic) and the AME ( ESP Eclipse Metal STRAT) are the best VST Guitars out there.
For Classical guitar I use the ILYA EFIMOV NYLON GUITAR - it sounds bette than the AmpleSound AGL. Apart from those I like the IMPACT SOUNDWORKs SHREDDAGE Stuff: JUPITER, ROGUE,…
And I use the Orange Try Samples STRATOSPHERE .

I just tried to use the (2) sign for the b-String (THUNDESTRUCK).
But it doesn’t work…
WHAT can I do?

AMPLE SOUND in Dorico 2021-12-22 142202

AME VST guitar

Is the sending of tempo information to VST effects and instruments present in Dorico version 4?

Presumably not yet or it would have been mentioned in the Release Notes. A breakthrough like that would definitely receive prominent billing.

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Just come to this topics beaause I experienced problem qith Amplesound Ukkelele and strumming on/off . Amplesound use c#6 (dorico c#7) with velocity <63 =off >64=on.
Amplesound vst receive the information but don’t interpret it??!!
the same midifile in cubase is ok but not in Dorico?!
I’m using dorico 3.5 does it work in vers 4?
In fact it perpahps a problem of miditimecode taht dorico doesn’t generate…does Vers 4 generate it?

No, it is not yet available in Dorico 4.