amplitube 3 group buy; great deal!

hi all. i’m an ik multimedia amplitube 3 user. great piece of software and works very well in cubase, even for real-time tracking. they’ve got a group buy on just now for another 10 days or so. 4 for one. download the free version of amplitube 3, then open custom shop. buy some credits, and they multiply by 4. for an example, i just bought 20 credits at about £18 and now have 80 credits worth £72. typical amp prices are about 20 credits. a good way to build a custom collection of amps, cabs and fx at a really cheap price.
p.s. i don’t work for ik multimedia or any retailer. just passing on the info.

I now own every item in the Custom Shop with 118 credits left :laughing: . Many of which I haven’t even called up yet.

I’m really diggin’ the new Orange bass head and cabs.

IK has some great deals from time to time.

i’m not a guitarist, but i have stuff for guitarists in the studio. i also like the orange amps in amplitube. the roland jc120 is really good too. the soldano takes a bit of work but after tweaking can make some great solo sounds. spent time yesterday tracking a guitarist with amplitube 3 instead of an amp. first time for him, but it worked well. i even played the wah during a solo. fun :slight_smile: