Amplitube 5 and Scarlett 4i4 - Monitoring track sends ASIO performance crazy

When listening to a recorded guitar part on a track with Amplitube 5 the audio performance meter is fine.
When I am monitoring the track and playing guitar it goes wild - and peaks constantly. I have the Focusrite Scarlett interface and Studio setup at 44.1Khz and 64 buffer with ASIO guard at normal.
I have a powerful i9 PC running Windows 10 and didnt have this problem in Cubase 11. Any ideas or anyone having the same issue?
In fact, now Amplitube is crashing everytime, after about 15mins of use.

no crashes in my case in windows 10 - however I can confirm performance peaks around 80 % when monitoring amplitube in cubase 12. I went back to Cubase 11 and it is peaking as high there as well. This happens on a i7-3930K 6 Cores @ 3.2 Ghz PC. On my i7 7700 T laptop it looks much better and the peaks stay under 50 %.

Hi there,
Thanks for your feedback, I’m tracing my audio signal performance issues and crashes back to a driver conflict after all. Oh joy! I’m now looking forward to a few days of confusion and frustration…

David Griffiths
07721 369057