Amplitube 5 white noise in cubase

hello, I purchase Amplitube 5. I have installed and authorized in IK Product manager. Amp 5 works fine as a stand alone but seems like it is not recognized as authorized when used as a plugin in Cubase 11 pro.
Amplitube 4 still works fine.
any suggestions


Make sure the plug-in had been activated/registered, please.

thank you
\it has 100% . it works fine on standalone

Hey bud,
With the DAW open, try to load the “Custom shop” application instead of the product manager. Then in the Custom Shop, click on your name in the upper top right corner (next to the help button), then on the dropdown under your name, click on “restore my purchases.”

Still having white noise I am afraid


It definitely looks like AmpliTube 5 is not activated/registered properly.


It s the same…

You sure you’re not just using a component that is not owned? There’s so many elements of Amplitube that are paid extras if you don’t own Amplitube Max, and they will cause noise.

Pick a really basic pre-set within the Amplitube 5 sub folder preset list and see if it white noises, i.e.:

I’ve got Max, but if I pick anything from the Mesa 2 groups it will white noise on me as they were added after Max was released.

using the default preset so shouldnt cause any prob…really dont understand

That screenshot is from the standalone, right? As it has the tape functions. Is your plugin loading with default pre-set like that too?

Have you tried closing everything and unauthorizing it in the IK manager, and then re-authorising?
That may just kick it back into life.

Just a longshot to throw in to, check that the plugin is the same version as the standalone by viewing the info tab via the menu:

It could be that you have an older version of the .vst loading and it’s causing the authorisation to go out of sync maybe? You’d expect to see some kind of warning about it not being registered, or running in demo/trial mode though.