Amplitube didnt install with cubase artist 6

Heres the issue. About a year ago my studio was ruined when my studio space flooded due to a burst water pip in the wall next to my desk. plus I am set up on the lowest level of the house, so it all filled in and I lost a lot of stuff.

having bills to pay and a job that get me by basically check to check it took me forever to save up for a new pc.

just ended up getting a new quad core 12 gb ram intel system that runs Cubase REALLY well and smooth!! definitely worth the wait to save up for something decent again!! installed a stripped down windows 7 64 bit. installed Cubase and everything on it without any issues or anything. after tinkering with it for a couple days to get my bearings after a year of not really being able to record much, I started out recording some drum tracks(drummer of 25 years) and playing around to get some good sounds and get the practice in before I can start working with clients again. the next day I decided to work on recording some guitars so I plugged in to an amp and played around with my mics and positions. did the same with bass. then I decided to check out my DI stuff as I have a bunch of simulators and loaders for impulses for settings where micing a cab isn’t an option. played around with a couple of them then remembered that Cubase had Amplitube 3 installed with it and was one of the resons I ended up getting it when it first came out.

when I went to use Amplitube it was not there. and im not sure why it never re installed when I installed everything to the new PC. is there a reason why? and is there a way I can get it again??? it seems to be the only thing missing from install… can somebody please help me out???

You may have gotten a bundle with Amplitube included at some point, but I’ve never seen Cubase install disks that contain Amplitube, so I think you’ll need to look for a separate installation disk.

Well when I purchased cubase artist 6, amplitube was included within the version… didn’t have any sort of separate installation disc it anything. It automatically installed when I installed cubase itself the first time. Not sure why it didn’t this time.

Are you talking about VST Amp Rack? You do realize AmpliTube is an IK Multimedia product?

I have never heard of AmpliTube being included with any Cubase version :confused: .

Exactly, I seriously doubt you had Amplitube on your Cubase disk.

I’m not talking about vst amp rack. I know what that is.

I know amplitube is an ik product. And I know fir a fact it came on my version of cubase… trying to find the old product sales pitch page, but since there have been other versions released since then I can’t find it.

If you log into your IK Multimedia account, do you see a registered AmpliTube? If so, re-download it.