Amplitube in Cubase

I’m trying to load Amplitube 3 into Cubase Essential 5. I’ve searched the forums and the manual with no success. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks very much

Use the left mouse button. Or what exactly is the problem…?

At this point I can only use Amplitube as a standalone. What do I need to do to see Amplitube in my list of choices - along with halion for example - when I want to add an instrument track?

RTFM - “Installing and Managing VST Plugins”

AmpliTube is an effect, not an instrument!

I’m sorry but I’ve RTFM in this section over and over and Amplitude is still not showing up in Plugin Information. Here’s what I’ve tried:
-In the VST Plugins tab I went to the plugin paths button and added the path to the Amplitube 3 folder and set it as shared. When I close Cubase and reopen it’s not in the main plugin info window
-I also copied amplitube 3.dll into cubase essentials 5/VSTplugins folder as well as the Program Files(x86)/VSTPlugins folder.
Still it’s not in my choices for effects nor plugin information.


Ok if I’m become so annoying please tell me what I’ve done.


Oops, color me embarrassed - thought you were kicking me out of the group. Been a frustrating day but anyway, sorry about that. On a happier note I did the good old uninstall/reinstall and now all is well.

Shouldn’t be embarrassed. You went through the proper channels to try to self search and analyze. The “blacklist” statement, although innocent, came after the “RTFM” statement so I can see how it led you down that path. Sometimes we RTFM and due to irregular circumstances, it doesn’t always apply and/or we aren’t as technically advanced as some and have to ask questions. That is what IMO this forum is designed for and there are many users who are glad to help. Every now and then you come across some snotheads that “assume” the proper channels weren’t taken and also “assume” that everyone here has the same technical apptitude, therefore feel the need to look down at those legitimately seeking help at every chance they get. Then the insults are jabbed at the innocent including the “RTFM”, which are their favorite. Sometimes it takes less words to help than it does to badger and even less time to not even respond but they feel the need to interject negatively. I think one of the reasons why is to increase their post count. Any other reason is to simply be a pain in the a$$. There are some with high post counts that are repeat offenders and I see them in just about every other thread doing the same thing. If the level of information seeking is so beneath their expectations, then they should just bow the f%#& out.