An easy classical piece but how would I quantisize?


I dont know much about composing and Cubase, but still like it :smiley:

I wonder how to quantisize my piece like that everything is correctly up to the rhythm. Is there a good tutorial that explains how to quantisize all the voices at once?

Whenever I hit the “Q” for quantisizing the result is like things are messed up afterwards :frowning:

Here is my latest, simple audio file I made. You will realize its not exactly in rhythm some way and also the mixing down is another problem (like it is not mastered well at all).

Any hints welcome! Thanks!

Two things to remember about quantise:

  1. Make sure that your snap settings reflect the piece, i.e. if your piece has semi-quavers in it, you should ensure that the snap is set to no lower than 16, and ensure that you take account of any triplets (I’d recommend applying quantise in sections, as global quantising can throw up some interesting issues).

  2. Don’t overdo it. Snapping too closely to the grid makes it sound extremely mechanical and unmusical. Best is to carefully set up an iterative quantise, which brings the events closer to the grid a little at a time based on settings you assign yourself. This way, you can nudge it a bit closer at a time until you have it just right. Quantising this way too many times will bring it right to the grid so, again, don’t overdo it.

I never use ‘note-on’ quantise at all, and in fact have the ‘Q’ key set to iterative quantise, which you can set up in the key commands portion of your preferences.


Quantising is like any technology, it can be your best friend or it can amplify the mistakes. If you understand how music is notated, graphically or otherwise, you will see where the notes are out of whack with the timing and you can manually fix them up. This can occur after quantising as well as before depending on your initial input playing skills.

Where you need to be very careful with quantising is in choosing the appropriate note value to quantise to. Of course, the ‘feel’ of the music will be affected but you can adjust that later on.

In general, quantising works best when you are very close to the beat and you want visual and aural perfection.

I haven’t had a chance to listen to your track just yet but decided to give you some assistance. Hope this helps, if there are further questions don’t hesitate to ask.