"An error has occured while synchronizing the settings"

Using one settings location for 2 WL installations (separate partitions on one hard drive) I sometimes get this error message when starting WL. The problem of such a message is it does not say anything useful e.g. I have no idea what went wrong, neither how to prevent it nor how to fix it…
PG, any idea?
sync settings.jpg

I can’t guess the origin of the error, unfortunatly.
If you restart WaveLab, do you get the error again? Does it happen often?

Recently I worked in one partition for days, today I booted into the other partition, and there every time I start WL I get this error. (“Synchronize at every launch” is checked). If I disable synchronizing then (not surprisingly) I get no error at all.

Could this possibly be a symptom of a competing dongle call? That is, the two installations are calling the same dongle at the same time … like a kernel race condition?

FWIW, I have come across something similar in the past with another DAW.

Those 2 installations are on 2 separate Windows partitions…

So?? There surely must be some way to trace the problem… :open_mouth:

The only way I can imagine, is to find the culprit file(s). Hence, do some backup of the pref folders, and then try to eliminate some folders and files step by step, until the problem does not occur.