An error occurred while downloading 'Content Groove Agent 5'

Purchased GA5 today. Tried and tried to download it using the Download Assistant. Same error message every time (post title is the error message). Problem is with the big 30GB Content download. It sometimes fail quickly, sometimes gets near 10 GB but fail everytime. And yes my internet connection is good enough, I’m a software developer who regularly works from home with video conference and all.

Steinberg website recommends we use the Download Assistant which obviously does not work for me. However it seems to be possible to download through the web broswer. Any idea what can be happening here? Why kind of trouble will I run into if the Download Assistant is not an option for me?
I’m running windows 10. I’ve even added the Download Assistent as an exception to the Windows Firewall (which I should not have to do but why not).

As a new Steinberg customer (just recently got Cubase Artist) I’m kind of scared of having to fight to get a software AFTER I paid for it and with only user forums as customer support. Is this a frequent type of problem?

Any help or comforting words would be greatly appreciated.

this happens to me also i will download things and like you said it will fail early or the download will actually finish and then fail while the download assistant is verifying the download its very annoying eventually the download will complete right but only after multiple times of it failing

My only thought here is that your HD doesn’t have enough room? That or your internet connection is causing the problem? 30G is a lot of data but it worked for me via the Steinberg Download app. The benefit of the app is it seems to stay the course, even if you pause it. If fact, maybe download 8G and pause the operation, wait 15 mins and start it up again. Do you disconnect and reconnect the power on your wifi router once a week? Maybe do this before you begin. I know it seems unimportant but typically your server can limit your bandwidth in a few days time if you don’t use enough. Have you ever heard of this? True story. So start fresh. Best of luck, GA5 is worth the trouble.

PLENTY of room on my HD. I was actually able to downlad the big 30GB pack through my web browser. It appears that a lot of (all?) the packages available through Download Assistant can also be downloaded at I had to update to the latest 7zip to decompress as it appears Steinberg is using the latest and greatest compression algorythms. I am decompressing it right now. Looks complete to me.

Now back to Download Assistant. I tried everything. Shut down any background app that could interfere with a download (Dropbox, etc.). Even disabled Avast completely. No luck. So I tried the Download/Pause/Restart/Pause/Restart/etc by pausing it every 500Mg while watching an episode of Walking Dead on my second screen. Nope. The thing fails randomly. It can fail after a few minutes of download of after a few seconds. And everytime it starts from scratch. I was never able to get past 10GB and I started from scratch many times.

I’ll be fine as long as every Steinberg large file are also available as a web download. But what if they decide to go full Download Asistant? With nobody to talk to what can a customer do? I was thinking of pulling the trigger on the Halion sale this week but now I don’t know. And if I decide to buy it I will download it BEFORE buying it.

Any thoughts?
Very worried new customer here…

Well, I can only offer that that is a weird experience you are having. The Download Assistant works well here but there has to be a reason for the problem you are having. Sorry about this. Contact Steinberg, they may have an answer.