"An essential component used by Dorico for playback has not been found"—but it is installed!

Hey folks, whenever I launch Dorico 5, I get this message:

An essential component used by Dorico for playback has not been found.

Please run the Steinberg Download Assistant and install the following:

Groove Agent SE 5 – Content

However, when I go look at Steinberg Download Assistant, I see that it is, in fact, installed!

I have the option to Install Again, but doing so has not helped. Any suggestions for things to poke at? Or further information I can get to help get this sorted out?

…okay, well, apparently reinstalling it again did the trick (I had already installed it multiple times, so… why? Unclear!). If it comes up again I will reopen this and include a system diagnostics report.

I get the same message on startup (D5), but regarding HALion Symphonic Orchestra, even though I’ve used Steinberg Download Assistant to reinstall it, and have verified the files exist in the folder when I choose, “open folder” in the drop down.

For what it’s worth, under Settings, the Download directory is set to “/Users/myUserName/Downloads/Steinberg”


Any help in resolving this would be… helpful, and appreciated.

When you run Steinberg Library Manager, do you see HALion Symphonic Orchestra listed as installed correctly?

Yes: No red triangles or exclamation marks in evidence:

But something in your installation is strange. Have a look at your screenshot. The first file (the presets) resides on your local hard drive and that is also the default installation location. All other sound files on the other hand have a completely different path and appears to be an external drive. How did you move them out to that drive? Using the Steinberg Library Manager?
In the Library Manager window on the right top is a cogwheel icon which leads you to the settings. There is a field where you can set the default Installation directory. Is that empty with you or set to some path?

Hi Ulf, the Library default location is set to “Volumes/ThunderBlade/Steinberg”. This is my external SSD, where I’m trying to store all content. All the files do show up in their respective listed locations. Is this causing the problem?

I’m happy to move any files, including that “…Factory Presets 01” file to the SSD if that’s possible, but not clear how to do that.

I have had no problems putting all sound files onto a separate internal SSD, but it is important to move any Steinberg files with the Library manager.

Hi @falhousen, I would resolve to following:
Using the Remove function of Steinberg Library Manager (SLM), I’d first uninstall all HSO contents files. Then clear the default location in SLM so that it is just empty.
When you then reinstall HSO contents it should get installed to the default location C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content. Once that is done, use the Move function of SLM to move it to the desired location on your external drive.
It is a bit tedious, but I think the best way of dealing with it.

Thanks Ulf, I’ll give that a try and report back if I’m still having problems.