"An essential compononent for Dorico playback has not been found"

Just downloaded Dorico 4. It asks me to download “Dorico Pro 4 Sounds Installer” but I don’t see that exact file in Steinberg Download Assistant. What do I need to download exactly and where do I get it?
(I already have the sounds downloaded for 3.5.)

Sorry that the name in that message doesn’t match exactly what the names are in Steinberg Download Assistant.

If you already have Dorico 3.5 on the same computer, then there should be nothing to install, content-wise.

Did you definitely install the HALion Sonic SE 3.5 update that is provided in SDA? That’s this one:

It says (recommended) but actually I think this is essential – I’ll talk to the SDA team about removing (recommended).

I hadn’t, thinking I must’ve had it from Dorico 3.5. Now up and running!

Not sure I’m imagining it, but for certain things it feels like there’s been a performance boost in M1 Macs. Maybe not going through Rosetta is making a noticeable difference?

Though I realize NotePerformer does not support Apple Silicon :confused: Any info on if they’re planing an update with native M1 support?