"An exception occured" warning caused by automap uninstallation.(C10)

Hi everybody, yesterday I started to experience problems with 70% of the plugins in Cubase (10.0.50). Applies to effects, instruments, native and 3rd party plugs. Every time I clicked on the icon to display fx/instrument this massage would appear:

An exception occurred. Save your work and restart the application.
The exception was thrown because of the plugin:

Morph Filter Controller
***-[NSbundle initWithURL

In this particular case it was Morph Filter, but the message was the same with other plugins. Well, plugin name in the warning changed obviously.

After a while of thinking about potential reason of the issue I recalled that the day before I installed novation automap for my keyboard (haven’t used it for long while, wanted to give it another chance), but quickly realized that I’d been happier without it and uninstalled it. Assuming that mentioned process could have caused the trouble I just installed it again to see if it’d help and everything got back to normal, all plugs are working just fine but… I still want to get rid of automap, I find it annoying, it’s not my thing at all and prefer to work with cubase quick controls.

Any idea how I could uninstall automap without causing the issues?
I’ll be grateful for advice.



I would try to uninstall Automat and reinstall Cubase to try to fix the Cubase plug-ins.