An idea for Magneto III - wow / flutter

This would be nice, I think, especially for people like me who enjoy late 60s onwards records a lot, which were (obviously) done on imperfect analog tape machines.

It’s the imperfection which makes them great - the sweet sound of “wow” and “flutter” - I think we could use a little of this in the channel strip as well.

And when we’re at it, please:

  1. Make it with a nice and wide parameter range, so we can add a LOT of this
  2. Add “synchronization groups” so we can simulate tracks “wowing and fluttering together”

That would be something. :slight_smile:

Right now I do some of this, when I really want it, in Halion 5 with samples, adding random pitch modulation, but not having to sample things would be a great addition.

on the right track:)

Wow,flutter, ips for magneto:p

Edit: and +1 to all other useful suggestions by our smart users that genuinely want to improve the product;)