An important topic not migrated

Of course splitting a flow is a fast way of going about things but I don’t think the issue here is about the ease, or lack of it when it comes to getting rid of cautionary marks. It’s that the current solution - create a new flow - is not one that suits some users.

For the most part, Dorico is incredibly flexible. It’s understandable that when it isn’t, and it isn’t by design on an issue where users want the flexibility, it’ll surface time and again on this forum.

Personally, I’ve just come to accept this is how the team at Dorico wants to handle this issue. Their software, their solutions. It is possible to work round it.

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Well said David - I do get that there some issues that are show stoppers. It doesn’t seems like this is one of those however.


Just to let you know that over Christmas, Discourse managed to migrate a batch of posts that got missed in the first migration, including the one you were referring to previously:

Thanks Ben! @J_Woodtli see Ben’s post above :slight_smile:

Thanks Ben, @pianoleo and to you too …