An open plea to Steinberg

Everyone please go back to your studio, in my case, my new Moog voyager…RME is waiting. Good night. ! Lol

This is more like it, Voyager, great instrument, have fun with it.

Guys, we’re trying to untangle a fairly complicated issue here with this thread so please, stay on topic.



I registered extra to post in this thread. I’m using Cubase since 2002. I think it is a great DAW. I updated to 8.5, because of the new workflow features, that are great for what i do. I do hope, that Steinberg will fix the bugs, especially with VEP5. As much as i love Cubase, i have to admit, that Reaper is much more stable. When we’re on tour with our band, we never use Cubase, simply because we know it could crash. IMO, the most features that were presented in the 8.5 should have had lesser priority than stability of the existing.

Absolutely - 8 great pages so far, not coming some of the recent silliness.

One additional easy-win suggestion. Guillermo helpfully responded on another forum to some of the specific issues that have come up a lot, saying where they are due to be addressed on the maintenance schedule, even up to the third maintenance release from now. I got to thinking that making this schedule public is a really easy win. Each time there’s an update and Bug X isn’t fixed, there are howls of anguish, and it increases the feeling that users are ignored. If we all saw that it was at least due to be fixed in 8.5.2 or what have you, it would reduce a lot of the noise and I’ll-feeling IMO. Of course everything would be subject to change and that would be understood.

Totally agree with you there good sir.

Hello all,

As some of you have mentioned

Steinberg should follow up with a more detailed explanation

and we are going to do that.

Since our last post we have had a meeting and created a task force to tackle the above mentioned issues, in this case it will be overseen by our marketing director. We are currently working on a plan, in an unprecedented action, as soon as we have it ready we are going to share it with you and list the steps that are about to follow. At some point we will also request your feedback, we consider this a step forward to improve our communication with our followers, customers and the community.

Once more we thank you all for choosing Steinberg!

Best regards,

Guillermo, if you simply make your release/bug-fix plans available for users to see, and then make endeavour to follow your plans, you will reduce amount of complaining to practically zero. All complainst are simply because users have no idea what is going on, what can they expect, what will be fixed and when, if a all…
Just make a public TO-DO list, ETA for each item, and keep it sticky here on forum, updated daily or at least weekly. It will be very good both for you and for your customers.

Thankyou Guillermo!

Do you not think it’s time for you guys to start using a public beta system?
There is a thread in the lounge where it has been suggested, as the current beta program is clearly NOT up to scratch :frowning:
Even microsoft started doing this with win7 which lead to what most people feel was by far the best incarnation of windows EVER! (in comic book guy’s voice :wink: )
Plenty of other companies are doing just that these days… and lets not beat around the bush WE ARE being used as paying beta testers at the moment and no amount of corporate double speak is going to convince people otherwise unfortunately. I say this with respect to yourself, Steinberg and ALL of us frustrated customers.


Not a bad idea since we are in the software domain and it means that you can please everybody with a single product, it’s a sort of luxury that car vendors can only dream of (Preferences). Hire more programmers to fix the bugs quicker (yes, make some investments), implement the best workflow enhancements (we’re asking for), try public beta and build the best DAW. And I promise I’ll advertise Cubase every week in all social nets for free :smiley: .

Key is to be “open” towards the users/customers, in the past there where moments when Steinberg did this and the appreciation was great!

The Blog comment with ETA is the best I’ve seen so far. Also giving insight in the alpha & beta testing would be appreciated.

As a 20+ year long customer, this is encouraging to read. But I’ll believe it when I see it. Haven’t we be here before? LOL.



waiting patiently for positive results

[quote=“Shirley Bassey once”]
The word is about, there’s something evolving,
whatever may come, the world keeps revolving
They say the next big thing is here,
that the revolution’s near,
but to me it seems quite clear
that it’s all just a little bit of history repeating

I rememeber similar promises were made after SX launch, more than 10 years ago (how time flies…).
Hope this time it will be differnt.

I would sooner see Steinberg settle on supporting only the most recent technology (Windows 8.1 & 10 and the latest Mac OS) and publish that as a “System Requirement” for upgrade rather than continuing to try to support full functionality on OSes from 2009 (even if there are a few vociferous holdouts).
Cure the bugs on the most recent platforms with the most recent version of Cubase and let’s all move forward.

Huge thanks Guillermo, I’m guessing (and hoping) that a great many of us are really encouraged by your post. I’ve no doubt it will be impossible to please us all, but if you can take a large number of us with you on this next step it will be a wonderful thing. Thanks for listening,

+1 I absolutely agree it seems like Steinberg is more focused on a new user which will pay more money for the software up front as opposed to focusing on the loyal customers they’ve had for years. Something is primitive is the modulation Lane is a good example of them overlooking simple things. I’ve been saying for years we need region-based automation that would make our workflow way faster.

+1000. And thank you Guillermo for posting an update, looking forward to “the plan.”

Very encouraging all of this! Looking forward to the new Steinberg… :sunglasses:
And while we’re at it: Let’s just drop the 32bit version of Cubase, okay?