an unsaved project crashed - any chance to recover?

will copying midi clips and dragging them from one track to another Cubasis crashed to the home screen and came back to live with an old version of the project. closing Cubasis did not bring me back to where i wanted to. any chance to recover?

Hi mm70,

Please double check if the newer version of the project remains in the “Projects” or “Trash” folder.
Please let me know about the result.


nope, there were some entries in the trash folder but all the same of the saved state before the now lost changes were made.

Hi mm70,

In the event that the app gets unreliable, Cubasis loads a previous state of a project, to prevent the file from getting damaged or unusable.

If you provide me with a copy of the project folder there is a small chance that our engineering is able to repair broken redo files.
We can give it a try, but it is also possible that the redo files have been already deleted once the project has been closed or reloaded.