An unused instrument is showing incorrectly in a flow. How do I delete it from the layout?

I have an oboist, doubling on english horn. The flow in question does not include music for english horn, yet the empty part appears while the oboist is playing oboe.

Are the English Horn and Oboe both held by the same player?

Are you working in Galley mode, where all parts show by design?

Yes, same player. I’m looking at setup mode trying to find a setting. It is not a problem for my flute player, which correctly shows picc, alto flute, c flute without displaying the empty staves of the other instrument. Thank you

Perhaps you need to post the Dorico file that is giving you trouble. Otherwise we are just guessing.

wq mvt iii v2 - Music Box.dorico (1.7 MB)
Here’s the flow I’m having trouble with. Note that in this exported file that all the doubling players have the extra staves for instruments that are not being used. I don’t understand what’s happening. In the original file only the oboe has the extra stave present.

You’ve added/removed staves to the Oboe instrument, and if my memory serves, “having extra staves” prevents an instrument from being used for instrument changes.

Deleting those extra staff signposts allows the oboe and cor anglais to share a staff again by way of instrument changes.

Show signposts, select the pink +1 staff / -1 staff signposts, and press Delete.

(Incidentally, if you’re experiencing issues in a file, making sure signposts are shown and taking a look around is generally a very useful first step to diagnosing the issue.)

PS When I opened the file, it said it was last saved in Dorico 4.0 – however, there’s an update to 4.2 available. See here:

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Yea! Thank you!! Much appreciated!

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