Steinberg Download Assistant hanging when I run it

The steinberg download assistant is hanging every time I run it. Any suggestions? Thank you

Are you on Windows or macOS? Have you tried manually downloading and installing the latest version of Steinberg Download Assistant, from here:

If you really can’t get SDA running on your computer, you can download the various bits and bobs you need for Dorico from our web site here:

Thanks Daniel,

Yes I’m on MacOS 12.6 on 2 computers; Imac and powerbook pro. I’ve installed the latest version on each and get the same results; it hangs with a spinning beach ball. I’ve had to force quit everytime. I’ll try the other install method…

Thank you,

We’ve had some problems with Steinberg Download Assistant on some users’ computers related to specific fonts that are installed on their computer, though this normally (if I remember rightly) causes SDA to crash rather than to hang. If you can’t get anywhere with the individual downloads I linked to, let me know, and we can try to troubleshoot SDA further.

Thanks, The individual installs worked fine. I don’t have any special fonts installed that I’m aware of.